visual storyteller,
author and director

I am an audiovisual storyteller, I like to tell stories of reality with imagination through first-person accounts of women and men going through contemporary times. To tell their stories, I traveled around the world, out of curiosity and to learn more about myself and other cultures.

I learned storytelling in Rome as a researcher and assistant director for historical documentary-fiction films broadcast on British and American televisions such as Channel 4, HBO, Discovery Channel.
I have written and directed short films, documentaries, and reportages that are mainly about our relationship with other cultures. My films and videos have been shown on European television stations such as ARTE, RAI, Canal + and Histoire, at international film festivals such as Festpaco in Burkina Faso and Aix-en-Provence in France.

For 10 years I have worked with international scientific cooperation institutes affiliated with the United Nations, telling the stories of the scientists they support in resource-poor countries. My work helps to make their research and human stories more visible and has supported international campaigns to raise awareness for scientists fleeing war-torn countries and to provide financial support for scientific research in the global south.